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Saturday, June 8, 2013

#LoveCDNBeef - Meet the Ranchers!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a really neat family - Doug and Erika Fossen from the Fossen Ranch in Rock Creek, BC.  They are ranchers, they raise cattle (Hereford and Black Angus) as well as grow oats, peas, barley, triticale, and alfalfa.  The cattle they raise is the beef we purchase from our local Save On Foods.  They live just over an hour from me.  Until today, I didn't know that the beef I purchase at my grocery store comes from local ranchers.  All 5 of this generation of Fossen's (Dad, Mom and three daughters) were visiting our grocery store so that we, their customers, could meet the people who raise the cattle that become our food.

In my visit with them, I learned a LOT.  Doug told me that he and Erika purchased the ranch from his parents, who still live on the property.  He shared with me the Canadian Beef Merchandising Guide, which is something I've been NEEDING for a long time.  I'm always feeling lost when I'm at the grocery store, standing in front of the meat display.  "Which cut is better?  Which one should I get?  Ack!"  Now I have a great one-page resource showing all the cuts of meat, explaining the grading, and more.  I know, all this can be found online, but part of me is still pretty traditional, and I like that tangible chart in hand (without having to zoom in on the image on my phone).  I'll be posting it in my kitchen for quick reference!

Erika loaded me up guessed it...RECIPES!  If only she knew how much I love recipes.  And while we've been on a kick with our latest favourite flavour for roast  - Rosemary and Pepper Crusted Roast - you know me, I'm always looking for new recipes to try!  Guess what I'll be doing after the kids go to bed...reading over those recipes and making meal plans!

Doug also shared with me a photo book of their ranch and family.  What a stunning area that they live in.  I think the Fossens were a little surprised to hear that I am familiar with Rock Creek - but my family has deep roots in the area.  I don't get there as much anymore as most of my family in the area have moved away or passed on, so I always forget how pretty the mountains and valleys can be there.  I also loved seeing and hearing that their three daughters help on the ranch - what a great way to carry on their family legacy!

I also discovered that Erika blogs too...if you are interested in learning more about life on a cattle ranch...check her out here!  Thank you Fossens, it was great to meet you!  Keep up the great work!

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