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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cajun Halibut Burgers

Inspired by an episode of Eat Street, my hubby and I were both drooling over some halibut burgers that were featured.  So of course I needed to create our own version of it!  I made come Cajun Spice, and the base for our Cajun Halibut Burgers was born!  

What You'll Need
Cajun Halibut Burgers | Addicted to Recipes

Halibut fillets (cut into burger sized portions) - I used fresh halibut
Cajun Spice
Dilly Dressing (recipe posting soon!)
Olive Oil
Ciabatta Buns
Cabbage / Coleslaw (Dry)

Preheat BBQ.  Be sure to use your BBQ griddle. 

Brush both sides of the halibut with oil.  If the skin is still on, brush the skin so that it doesn't stick when you grill it (and the skin will easily come off when the halibut is cooked).

Generously coat & rub the non-skin side of the fillets with cajun spice.  

Place the fillets, skin side down, on the griddle (alternatively, you can use a pan on your stove) - but it's summer, and we grill most of our meals in the summer.

When the fillets are part way cooked, carefully flip.  You can probably pull the skin off at this point (and sprinkle some additional cajun spice should you wish!).  Continue to cook until desired done-ness.  Remove from grill.

Cut the ciabatta buns in half, butter, and toast the buns on the grill.

Now it is time to create your burger - take your bun, generously coat with Dilly Dressing.  Place your halibut fillet on the bottom bun, top with cabbage/ dry coleslaw, add a pickle and finish with the top bun.  Enjoy!

Hubby and I inhaled these.  We made cajun-free halibut for our youngest for his meal (the cajun would have been to spicy)...but we just loved these burgers.  Hopefully halibut goes on sale soon so that we can make these again!


  1. I love Cajun and Halibut. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try this one

    Lori's Culinary Creations

  2. Uh oh, two hours until lunch and now I'm salivating... :)

  3. wow that looks like the ultimate hunger slayer!

  4. Wow...I like this so much. Thick fish fillet with vegetables and flavourful sauce, I think I like to add an egg also some cheese too. :)


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