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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Ginger Soup - Guest Post by Asilia from Reasons to Procrastinate

Hello everyone!  Please join me in welcoming Asilia from Reasons to Procrastinate!  She is a sweet fan of mine, relatively new to the cooking world.  Her recipe for Sweet Potato-Pumpkin Ginger soup sounds great!  Read on :-)


Hi. I am so excited to be able to guest post for Dawn. Addicted to Recipes is such an amazing blog, and I am completely addicted to finding perfect recipes. My name, well my pseudonym is Asilia. I am a teenager, self-proclaimed nerd, fashion addict, lifelong vegetarian, and extremely amateur foodie. I am a high school student, so obviously I am always looking for Reasons to Procrastinate.

I only started cooking this summer, and I love experimenting with flavors to create healthy food that is not every dieter’s nightmare, rabbit food. I look forward to Friday nights, when the kitchen is my laboratory. Clearly I don’t get out much. I love the fall, and soup is simply perfect on a crisp, or a bit chiller than crisp, autumn evening. This Sweet Potato- Pumpkin Ginger soup is simply divine. Garnished with a dollop of sour cream, or in this case Greek Yogurt, and some basil, it (almost) looks gourmet and definitely tastes so. Make it a meal with some garlic bread on the side (literally a slice of bread, topped with minced garlic, basil, and a little bit of olive oil).

Sweet Potato- Pumpkin Ginger Soup
Serves 2-4

2 medium sweet potatoes
1 piece of pumpkin (about 2 in by 2 in)
¼ cup skim milk (optionalP
7-10 leaves of fresh basil
¾ tbsp grated ginger (I just used a fairly large chunk of ginger, let the blender do the work!)
½ tsp chili pepper
A pinch of nutmeg (more like ½ a pinch)
½ tsp cumin
1 medium clove garlic
Salt and pepper to taste
Greek yogurt or sour cream (garnish)
Some chiffonaded (that is a word now) basil leaves (garnish)

Just peel and cook the sweet potatoes and the pumpkin. I don’t peel the pumpkin because if you cook it long enough it gets soft enough to blend. My mom cooks them in the pressure cooker. You can chop them up and cook them on the stove, but the pressure cooker makes life so much easier. WAIT FOR THEM TO COOL before putting them in the blender. Unless you are trying to see if you can mimic a geyser in your very own home.

Blend all the ingredients in the blender, adding water to achieve a desired consistency. I kept it pretty thick, but I still had to add almost a cup of water. Then again, I did not use milk.

This makes 2-3 generous main dishes or 4 appetizers.

Serve warm with a garnish of greek yogurt/sour cream and chiffonaded basil.

Then curl up with a good book. Then realize you have homework (if you are in high school).

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  1. Wow looks and sounds delicious! I am definitely going to try it!!!


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