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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rice Krispies Halloween Treats!

The other day a parcel arrived at our house from our friends at Kellogg's...our oldest son was so intrigued about what was inside this magical white box, needless to say, we had a lot of fun playing games with him.  It was almost like Christmas...except that it's Halloween!  But there we were, shaking the box, slowly opening the box, slowly showing him the bits inside the box...and what bits they were!

Just some of the great stuff inside the Halloween Box!

All of the ingredients (except butter and vanilla...but that's a little harder to ship!) to make HALLOWEEN RICE KRISPIES TREATS!  Oh yes we did...and what a GREAT time we had doing it!  We went online to look at some ideas of what to do with our Halloween theme, which made for a fun way to shake up our routine treat making.  Because we opened the box on a weeknight, we decided to wait until the weekend to make our treats.

Once Saturday came, there was no containing the excitement.  When it came time to "bake", our son was so practically vibrating about all the candy samples that came with the Rice Krispies and marshmallows.  He laid them all out and organized them just "perfectly" (yes friends and family, you can laugh now...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!).  We worked together to make the Rice Krispies treats...the "old fashioned way" (following the recipe on the Rice Krispies box) - on the stove top - melting the butter, melting the marshmallows (it's great practice for him to count the marshmallows as they enter to pot), adding in the vanilla, adding in the Rice Krispies, mixing, mixing, mixing!
Then came time to play!  I would ask my son what he wanted for use the awesome pumpkin or bat cookie cutters that came in the pack, or roll balls for eyes, faces, etc...and of course, every little boy needs a Rice Krispie snake to decorate!

Halloween Rice Krispies Snakes - Hand rolled and decorated by our 5 year old!

We had so much fun the two of us making and decorating our Halloween Rice Krispie Treats.  It was such great bonding time for us...and my son talked about his creations non-stop until bedtime...and is still talking about them a few days later.  What a wonderful memory!

Close-up of a few of the treats...a few mummy faces, eyeballs, and pumpkins!

Of course, these were TASTY!  I've never added candy to my Rice Krispies sqaures before, and it was a fun little addition for us.  Rice Krispies treats were part of my childhood, and it's great that they are part of my childrens' childhoods too.  Even the baby was smacking his lips eating little bits of the treats (none of the candy for him though!).

Thank you Kellogg's for providing the gift that made an afternoon of memories for me and my son!


  1. I love the classic Rice Krispie treats! I wish my neices lived closer... this looks like a fun Halloween project to do with kids!

  2. Looks like you had a great time making Halloween goodies. Making great memories!


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