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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scrumptious Sunday Recipe Link Party #34

OK, is it just me, or are the week FLYING by?  Umm...Christmas is going to be here before we know it...I better start planning!  Though hopefully our son's hockey schedule gets posted soon, so that I actually CAN start planning!  I have crafting to do, a baking exchange to host, vacation days to take, plus all the other fun that comes with the last few months of the year!

Did you catch all the updates from last week?  A few new recipes...Grilled Vegetable Basket and my first installment of Slow Cooker Thursday!  A great Guest Post from Sherry K too!

Voting is still open over at the Canadian Blog Awards...Addicted to Recipes has been nominated for "Best New Blog"!! Check it out here!

AND...I have my AD SPACE on sale for the month of October, 25% off! Promo Code is FALLINTOSALE25...would love your support!

That's the update on my end! I sure hope your weekend has been wonderful!! Now... It's time to share your fabulous recipes HERE for Scrumptious Sunday #34!

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  1. Is it me or is the linky not avaialble? This happens to me all the time.

    1. I always have trouble to Amy. Try this link,

    2. Thank you Amy and April! I keep my link party all on one page so that it is easier for me to go back and look through all the recipes rather than scrolling through pages of posts. I put the link into the body of the Sunday morning blog post, linking over to the Scrumptious Sunday page with the linky. Sometimes the links don't talk to each other - thank you for bringing it to my attention! Have a fantastic day, and thanks for visiting!!

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  3. Popping over from the Sunday following! I sooo need some new dinner ideas!!

  4. I can never get enough recipes! Hopped over from Sunday Social and now I'm following~

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  7. Good Morning!

    This week I shared another little-bother recipe - cinnamon swirl oat bread. So delicious with a smear of butter!

    I also shared an article I wrote explaining how flour can go sour, and how grain bugs get into our food.

    Have a great week!


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